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Home Pull Up Bar 63-96 cm

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The Liveup Sports pull up bar is designed for simple and easy use whilst offering a huge amount of versatility for home workouts. This pullup bar can be adjusted to doors frames from 63cm to 93cm, meaning you can practice your pullups and chin-ups from the convince of your own home.

Key Benefits:

Pullups and chin-ups are one of the most effective ways to build lateral strength.

The Liveup Sports door bar allows you to add the exercises to your routine from home, with minimal time needed.

With the bargainia.compull up bar you can practice a variety of strength-building exercises such as chin-ups, pullups and hanging leg raises.

The soft foam grips create maximal comfort during your workouts.


Product Features: 

Adjustable bar for doors between 63-93cm.

Soft foam grip handles for comfort and grip.

Colours may vary.



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